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Interactive education that is effective for all ages

"There is no education but self-education." - Charlotte Mason



 Christian Ministries Academy (CMA) was established in 1980 in Hot Springs, Arkansas as a place to train young people to be leaders in their community and in the world. It is a place specifically for Christian students who desire to grow in their walk with the Lord and excel in academics. CMA Hot Springs graduated its first class in 1982; since then CMA graduates a new group of young men and women who are equipped to be an effective and active part of society each year. CMA has continued to be effective in Billings, Missouri as they graduated another class this year. CMA Houston looks forward to growing and educating their first graduating class in the future to come.

CMA is dedicated to fostering education influenced by Charlotte Mason’s educational thought and practice. We seek to build and serve a community of parents, teachers, and students by providing a life growing education. A growing education empowers students to develop lives that are full, rich in relationship with God, self, others, work, and their community. A growing education also provides the tools people need to live well in all aspects of their lives—personal and professional, present and future. At CMA, we desire to make this education available to all. Children who receive an effective education, built upon biblical principles, become individuals who give back to society, care for their communities, love their neighbors, and cultivate a rich intellectual life. Christian Ministries is dedicated to equipping the saints through all ages and stages of life.