We believe salvation is the start of a meaningful and effective life in Christ.

Our desire is to strengthen our communities by strengthening the life of every believer. We seek to grow confident followers of Christ in all areas of life through biblical tools and practical application.


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“An outward growth comes natural when you have had an inward growth.”

Salvation is not earned through works, but through grace alone. But now that we are saved, we work for the Lord. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”  – Matthew 9:37


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Mosquitos: Exposure


Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil.
He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

– 1 Peter 5:8

            I’m enjoying an outdoor cookout with lovely weather and fun friends, when all of a sudden a mosquito bites me—have you ever been there? Such a relaxing and enjoyable day and then the mosquitos attack! Here’s the thing with mosquitos, they are out there—searching for your scent to feast on your blood and leave a miserably itchy welt for days to come. No matter how long your sleeves are, or how much bug spray you may be wearing, they always find your area of exposure. Whether it’s the ankles, or the back of your neck, those little “suckers” always find the weakness!

Remind you of anyone else you may know? What about the “lion” that is roaming around looking for what it can devour? As we learned in the “Journey to Freedom” series, the Lord has an amazing plan for our lives, a future filled with purpose and blessings, but Satan has a plan for the believer’s life as well.

Our enemy isn’t as powerful as our Lord, but he is crafty and the Bible warns us over and over to “stand guard” and “watch out” for his schemes. He studies our actions, he learns our weaknesses, and just like the mosquito he desires to take us down in our moment of weakness and exposure.

You might be going to church, surrounding yourself with great godly friends, and feeling pretty good about your walk with the Lord. Is there a small area exposed that you haven’t surrendered to the Lord or maybe you haven’t even given it a real thought. We are all on a journey in our walk with the Lord, and as we move forward the Holy Spirit will gently open our eyes to new areas that may give a foothold to the devil. Stand strong and guard your life; otherwise, the areas of exposure will be the first areas attacked.


Running On Empty

“He gives strength to the weary
and strengthens the powerless”
– Isaiah 40:29

            Have you ever felt weary and powerless? Have you ever felt like you’ve been trying to keep pushing through life, knowing your own reservoir of strength was completely depleted? How about actually driving your car and looking down, only to realize your fuel gauge is near empty!

            Allow me to share some practical advice that my husband has tried to drill into my head over the years. A simple secret to keep you from EVER getting stranded on the side of the road with no fuel—all you have to do is fill up the tank when the gas gauge is at halfway, rather than waiting until it’s nearly empty. Simple right? Yet, I always seem to keep going and going until I just can’t go anymore. You see there’s always something more pressing for my time than sitting at the gas station. A child that needs to get home to take a nap, a meal that needs to be cooked, shopping that needs to get done, and places I need to be. But the inevitable will always happen, I will eventually HAVE to stop and refuel at some point.

            There is a simple spiritual truth we can learn from this practical tip. As I cried out to the Lord in a moment of weariness and frustration, He gently asked me this question, “Why do you wait to come to me once you are already running on empty?” This question stopped me in my tracks. Why do I wait? I have a relationship with the God of the universe who loves me and desires to give me everything I need for living a godly life. (2 Peter 1:3) A Heavenly Father who wants to strengthen me in my weakness and empower me to keep moving forward; yet, I keep passing by the “gas station” hoping I can get a few more miles down the road before I have to stop.

            I encourage you as the Lord encouraged me, to stop in your tracks, to put all your excuses aside, and to purely sit in the presence of our Lord and Savior. Allow Him to fill you up, instead of living life through your own power and abilities. How foolish we are if we have access to the greatest gift and relationship, but ignore it in pursuit of our own agenda. Let’s be a people who recognize our weakness, humble ourselves, and allow the Holy Spirit to fill us with His strength and His power, so that we can pursue His purpose each day.



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