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​CMC Houston is led by Guillermo & Aubrey Rodriguez. Guillermo and Aubrey met at Christian Ministries Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They graduated from Applied Life Christian College in May 2009 and were married shortly after. They have been heavily involved in full time ministry ranging from leadership development, young adult discipleship programs, and church administration. Guillermo and Aubrey, along with their seven children; Christian, Isabella, Amaya, Josiah, Moriah, Aliyah, and Micah continue to grow as a family. Together they teach, mentor, lead, and share Christ on a regular basis within a variety of environments. They enjoy spending time as a family and eating chips and salsa. They really enjoy Tillamook Ice Cream, Chocolate Mudslide to be exact.


Guillermo was born in Houston, TX. At an early age, he decided to become a “Christian” and accept Jesus as his Savior. For years, he struggled with his commitment and his relationship with Christ. Finally, through the Holy Spirit’s revelation, he recognized the life he had defined as “Christian” was not biblical. Though he had a relationship with Jesus and considered Jesus his savior, he never fully submitted to Jesus as his Lord. He had many great “Jesus moments”, but knew there had to be more. Guillermo has lived through debt, doubt, moral shortcomings and many failures. Today, Guillermo is devoted to sharing the Gospel and teaches practical, biblical truths of how to effectively live like Christ in all areas.

Aubrey was born and raised in Beebe, Arkansas, a small town north of Little Rock. She was raised in a Christian home, which reflected the love of our Heavenly Father. Although she was brought up in the church, she found herself wanting to grow deeper with her relationship with Jesus. At the age of 15, Aubrey was filled with the Holy Spirit and since then has had a passion to share this experience and lifestyle with others ready to receive. Aubrey is a certified health coach and uses nutrition as an avenue to share the Gospel.



Together, Guillermo and Aubrey lead Christian Ministries Church. When they are not leading CMC, they invest their time in their marriage, their kids, and building great memories. Their goal is to enhance believers and churches to be effective in every area of life. To see more of their day to day life, visit RodSquadTV on YouTube by clicking below. 

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