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About Us

Christian Ministries Church (CMC) is a non-denominational church focused on equipping believers to grow in their faith, evaluate their life through God’s Word, and do the work of the ministry in all areas of life. Our goal is to minister to the individual to impact the city. We aim to teach the Word of God in it’s complete truth and life-changing power. CMC desires to teach their members how to make God’s Word applicable to their everyday life.


Christian Ministries Church began in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1972, and the vision expanded with an addition campus in Southwest Missouri in 2004. The Houston campus opened in 2017 in the heart of Houston.


Hot Springs, AR


Billings, MO

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Our vision is to be "Doers of the Word", not just a listener. Very easily we are able to memorize lines like an actor memories a script. Memorizing scripture is great, but applying it changes lives. 


2021 Theme

Every year we focus in on a central theme. Our overall vision to be imitators of God's word remains. Our theme is an area of focus to grow the outward reflection of Christ. This year we are realigning ourselves to prioritize what is ESSENTIAL in our lives.
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