We believe that all truth is God’s truth, and that the foundation for our pursuit for knowledge must begin with the Bible. By reading and discussing Scripture, we are giving students the framework within which they can learn. CMA uses Bible Road Trip, a book-by-book study of scripture. Along with reading and memorization, students will also participate in additional activities such as note-booking, crafts, research projects, and prayer.



Our study of geography will start with Texas. It’s important for children to know about the world around them, and their place in the world. Students will then take a look at each continent one by one as we not only learn the placement of countries, but also are learning about how God is at work in those countries through missionary work being done. We will discuss famous landmarks, land-forms, oceans and cultures from around the world.

CMA uses Math U See, which is a skilled based, multi-sensory math curriculum. This hands-on approach not only teaches basic facts and formulas, but also the “why’s” behind problem solving. The major concepts and skills that will be acquired during the Primer lessons include counting objects and developing numeracy, understanding place value, reading and writing numerals, understanding addition and subtraction, telling and writing time by hours and minutes, measuring length, introducing halves and fourths, skip counting, and word problems.


Students study history in a four-year rotation throughout elementary school. Students will develop an overall understanding of an integrated biblical and “secular” historical timeline as well as the history and significance of various holidays and traditions.


Students will enjoy listening to several classic novels, read aloud by the teacher throughout the year. Each book concludes with a party organized by the parents where students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character from the book as we enjoy foods discussed in the book as well as other fun activities.


One distinctive of a Charlotte Mason education is the regular study of nature. We will focus on God’s amazing world as we study natural sciences. Through observation, hands on activities and living books, science will come to life in a real and tangible way for the students. Weekly nature walks will encourage exploration and intrigue as we spend time outside enjoying God’s beautiful creation.



Being able to express oneself in writing is an important developmental milestone and life skill. At CMA, we use a multi-sensory curriculum to help develop fine motor skills that will help the students excel in handwriting. Students will learn cursive handwriting on campus and at home beginning in 1st grade. They will participate in copy-work each week, derived from our literature assignments as well as poems and scripture. Their beginning reading assignments will consist of phonetic reading and multi-sensory activities.



Charlotte Mason said, “The habits of a child produce the character of the man.” At CMA Houston we are not only concerned about what the children are learning intellectually, but we are also concerned about the growth of positive habits that will lead to a strong character. Teachers will walk alongside students and parents in the development of good habits as they give their best effort, give full attention, grow in a good work ethic and much more. Habit training is one of our chief areas of prayer for all students.



Enrichment studies are all about surrounding the students with opportunities to interact with beautiful, wholesome, loving, noble ideas that will nurture his spirit. Students love the feeling of contributing something worthwhile to their school, their family, and their society. Children are eager to use their hands to create and to help with daily chores. Students will enjoy art appreciation and expression, poetry, music and handiwork over the course of the school year.

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