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TODAY'S Video Assignments



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Part 2



part 1



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Hey All,

Here are the 5 videos to watch today with listed details below. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. 

Language Arts: Please have your child study their spelling words so that they will be prepared for dictation on Monday. (1st-4th: wish, come, want, much, they, don't, little, cat)

1) Science: Atoms and Molecules
We have been discussing atoms and molecules in science. These videos should reinforce concepts we have already discussed in class. You could also look up the periodic table on your phone or computer and go on a "scavenger hunt" with your kids to see how many elements you can find in your own home. We did this activity yesterday in class and the kids had a great time. It helps take the "mystery" out of all the symbols and helps them SEE the elements for themselves. They can write down each element they found and even describe the look and feel of it if possible. 

2) Geography: Earth's pole, axis, and hemispheres

We have learned about the continents, oceans, poles, axis, equator, and hemispheres this year in geography. Have your child watch the videos and then have THEM be the teacher! They can use props (orange/globe/etc), a white board, or even drawn illustrations to "teach" you all about the earth. Encourage them to teach you as much as they can remember. Have fun and don't discourage them with what they may not remember. Continue to encourage them in what they HAVE learned so far. 

4) History: The Titanic

We learned about the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Have your child watch the video and then write a "diary entry" as if they were one of the survivors. Another option is to have them act or "re-tell" their experience as a video assignment. I would love to see their creativity! 


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